Studio 0 Studio 0
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski

Studio 0


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  • Handmade in Austria
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Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski
Faction Studio 0 - 2024 Twin-Tip Park Ski



All Mountain
park & pipe


Intermediate, advanced and expert


Ski flex refers to the stiffness of a ski, and it plays a crucial role in how the ski performs. A stiffer ski will provide better stability at high speeds and on hard-packed snow, while a softer ski will be more forgiving and easier to turn, especially in powder or variable conditions.
7 7 out of 10

edge hold

Edge hold, refers to a ski's ability to maintain a strong grip on firm or icy snow while making turns. A high edge hold means the ski will bite into the snow effectively, allowing the skier to maintain control and carve precise turns. A lower edge hold will be favourable for those who prioritize playfulness, easy turns, or versatility in varied conditions. It all comes down to the skier's style and preferences.
8 out of 10


Float, refers to a ski's ability to stay on top of deep snow. Skis with high float will keep you near the surface of the snow, allowing you to glide smoothly and effortlessly in powder conditions and experience that wonderful sensation of floating on air.
6 out of 10


It's that special sauce that makes people seem effortlessly cool or skilled at something. You know, the kind of style, talent, or flashy action that makes you say, "Wow, they've got it!" It's like the sprinkles on the cupcake of life – it adds that extra dash of pizzazz, intentionally or not.
9 out of 10

product features

rocker profile

10% rocker
80% camber
10% rocker

ski shape

Symmetrical Twin

A symmetrical twin-tip shape, subtle tip and tail rocker and pronounced camber offers riders optimal precision and edge hold.

Skis Size Guide

All skins are produced by Kohla. Our skins are available pre-cut for the Agent 1 (X)  and 2 (X) models, along with for the La Machine 1, 2, and 3 models. Alternatively, we offer a trim-to-fit option for all other ski models from our collection. Trim-to-fit skins are delivered with a cutting tool.





Pre cut


Faction Agent 1/1X


Kohla Vertical


154, 162, 170, 178, 186

Faction Multifit 130


Kohla Vertical


XS 150 (150-160), S 160 (160-170), M 170 (170-180), L 180 (180-190)

Faction La Machine 1 Micro/Grom


Kohla Freeride Air


137, 146, 156, 163, 170, 177

Faction La Machine 2 Mini


Kohla Freeride Air


164, 171, 177, 183

Faction La Machine 3 Mega


Kohla Freeride Air


172, 178, 184

Faction Split Mono


Kohla Freeride Air




ski size 172 177 177
tip width (mm) 113 113 113
waist width (mm) 83 83 83
tail width (mm) 113 113 113
radius (m) 17 18 18
weight per ski (g) 1540 1590 1590


The Faction Studio 0 is a halfpipe-specific freestyle ski built to withstand the G forces and off-centered landings that are unique to that discipline. Rely on the Studio 0 for true precision, because it’s a game of inches when it comes to the perfect pipe run. The ski is built with a poplar wood core and carbon/rubber reinforcement under the binding area to withstand heavy stomps while the symmetrical shape allows for effortless switch skiing. The carbon weave throughout the wood core adds torsional strength without added bulk and the 7mm XL sidewall offers supreme edge hold and protection of the wood core.

You'll love this ski if:

  • You want stability and durability for crushing the halfpipe
  • You love to ski backwards
  • You want a stiffer ski with carbon, for torsional strength without the bulk
  • You are the most dedicated to your craft, progression is everything

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