Mounting my skis

All Faction skis come with three lines printed on their topsheets indicating possible mounting positions for your bindings. The lines correspond to where the center of your boot lies on the ski when it is engaged in the binding. 

The three lines on each ski are: Classic, Progressive, and Newschool.

See below for our advice on where to mount the bindings on your new skis.


The binding mount position influences the performance characteristics of your skis. Your choice of mounting point ultimately boils down to your personal preferences, skiing style, and ambitions. 

A forward mounting position close to the true centre (this being exactly half of the ski’s length) will make the ski feel shorter and more manoeuvrable. Due to the reduced tip length in front of the bindings, a neutral ski stance is often required. A forward-mounted ski is often favoured by skiers prioritizing freestyle performance or wanting to maximize manoeuvrability. 

A mounting point further back on the ski promotes stability, float, and carving performance. This is generally preferred by those with a traditional technique, who ski in a  forward stance or with lots of pressure on the front of their boots through the whole turn



The Classic line offers optimal carving ability. Choose this position if you like to heavily pressure the front of your ski boots and ski shovels through your turns. Mounting at the Classic mark will optimize float in deep snow, giving you the most tip length of any of our three recommended positions. 

Best for: those skiing with a traditional stance, ex-racers, big-mountain chargers.


Progressive is our recommended mount position for the Prodigy, Dancer, La Machine, and Agent lines. Progressive is the most versatile position on the ski, and provides the perfect balance of carving performance and manoeuvrability. This is the position we recommend if you’re unsure where you want to put your bindings, or if you’re simply looking for the most all-around solution. 

Best for: all-rounders, those drawing on both freeride and freestyle inspiration in their skiing. 


The Newschool position is for those who ski with a playful, freestyle-influenced style, wanting to maximize pivot ability and potential for butters, tricks, and spins. Skiers preferring New School will likely have a more ‘centred’ and neutral stance, with less pressure on the shins through turns. Newschool is our recommended mount point for the Mana series.

Best for: Freestylers, those who ski with a centred stance, those wanting to maximize manoeuvrability.